GTA 3 Cheats
How to Have a Great Time Playine GTA 3
If you are passionate about playing games you must be a big fan of GTA 3, which appears to be a fabulous game since all people who tried it loved it so much that there is a series of similar games on the market.
What you must know about playing GTA 3 is that the game is not simple since it is made of a large number of challenging missions that the main character must complete. However, in order to make the game not only less difficult but also funnier, there are many cheats, tips and tricks available for all gamers who are interested in them.

The GTA 3 cheats are very easy to use and they definitely improve the gaming experience. But not only the GTA cheats look appealing for players. There are many other tips that you want to use because it offers you great opportunities to finish the missions faster.

GTA 3 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

So, if you are passionate about the game, interested in all the GTA III cheats and trick here are a couple of things that you can do:

Firstly, you should know that, with the GTA III cheats, you have the opportunity to change the appearance of the game. When I say that, I mean that you can change the weather and also the time. This might not seem like something very helpful and sometimes it is not, being done just for fun, to prevent boredom.

With the cheats for GTA 3 you can also add life, get more guns, change cars and many other things that you can’t even think about right now. However, there are also some glitches and tips that you might want to know about. Here are a couple of things that might improve your gaming experience:

Taxi Glitch:

This is a trick you can do when you are on a taxi mission. If you pick up a passenger as your time is reaching zero, your timer will disappear and you will have the chance to do an infinite number of taxi missions. This can stop when you destroy your car. However, in order to avoid that you can enter one of the GTA 3 cheats for health.

125% health:

This might sound pretty funny, but I order to get this much health you will need a prostitute, take her somewhere and let her do what she is supposed to do. I told you that some of the tricks are quite amusing.

Get the Ferrari:


In order to do this you will need more cheats for GTA 3 activated. So, you have to search for them online, get the codes and enter them correctly while playing the game. After you follow all the steps as you are supposed to, there is no reason for you to fail.

So, you probably understood from these examples that you can do many amazing things just by using the proper cheats for GTA 3. Of course, not all of them are fun and amazing, some of them being used just because you probably need them. However, if you use a large number of cheats for GTA 3 in the correct manner, you will definitely have the time of your life playing this game.

What you must know before beginning the game and the use of GTA 3 cheats is that some of them might make the main character lose some of the opportunities. Well, what did you think? Is that everything for free?
Anyway, in case you decided to play the game, just go online and read about how it should be played in order to have an amazing time. You could also try to discover everything by yourself but, in my opinion, it would take a long time and in the end, you do this for fun, right? So, find the vest cheats for GTA 3, get the codes and begin the adventure.

Most Important Cheats to Know when Playing GTA 3
GTA is a very popular game especially among young teenagers, mostly boys, and even adults. The game has evolved quite a deal since it was first introduced, and now, it delivers a brand new experience and game play. The character has changed; the environment has changed, as well as the gameplay, while the achievements have become more and more difficult with an impressive visual aspect. However, if you want to succeed, feel free to use some of the most important GTA 3 Cheats and codes to achieve your goal.

Fortunately, there are so many codes available and they are quite simple to remember, especially when you sued them a couple of times. Using such cheats during a normal gameplay might seem inappropriate for some of you, but when you see how the game changed and how difficult is to fulfill each mission, I am sure that you would give them a try.

The following codes are meant to make our game easier and simpler, while adding some extra advantages. Enter these codes during a regular gameplay. In addition, when you want to turn off their effect, just enter each code once again. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that some of these codes cannot be turned off once they are turned on.
Within each code that I will mention you bellow, I will add an * sign to its end in order to make those who are irrevocable. In the same time, it is not advices to save the game while all these GTA 3 cheats are on because you risk of loosing your other savings, as well.


Main GTA 3 Cheats and Codes

Even if there are tons of cheats available for you to try, I am sure that you will not remember them all. However, there are some of them, which are quite important, and their names are not that hard to recall. Therefore, if you want full health to your car, just enter GESUNDHEIT and you will have a brand new car 100% working. I am sure that the car issue was a problem for most of you, when the car you are driving is being wrecked too fast and you need to find a new one.

When the weapon you own is not as satisfying as you might need, just go with all the weapons available by adding the GUNSGUNSGUNS code, which will give you a wide collection of guns. In the end, for more money, IFIWEREARICHMAN code it exactly what you need. All these mentioned GTA 3 cheats and codes are completely reversible and you can turn them off any time you want.

Alternative GTA 3 Cheats

Now, I want to add a couple of other interesting codes which will definitely help you achieve your missions. Proceed with caution since they might turn the game into a complete mess. For instance, the ITSALLGOINGMAAD* turns all pedestrians crazy and they will start fighting you while using guns and other objects. In the same time, if you want to spice things up, you can give them access to a wide array of guns, as well. With WEAPONSFORALL*, you give each pedestrian some ammo to fight back.
In what concerns the police aspect, I am sure that some of you are tired of being chased by police on every hunt. If you want to avoid this, just enter the NOPOLICEPLEASE and they will leave you alone. On the other hand, if you think the game is quite easy, you can only make yourself a person of interest by using the MOREPOLICEPLEASE code.

I also want to add one particular code, which I personally find it quite useful. When you have the police on your tail, and you want to cross the whole city, you can do it in a tank. Enter the GIVEUSATANK code and you will end up driving a strong and almost indestructible tank. This, plus the already mentioned codes, will turn you into the most powerful person in the whole city.
In addition, if you do not care too much about saving the game, you can have quite a nice time by smashing anything in your way. N the same time, with the help of these useful GTA 3 cheats and codes, you can learn how to deal with a certain mission, and them, without using these codes; you will be able to accomplish it.